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01 November 2013

Supreme Pontiff

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Pope Francis has only been with us for a little more than six months. I have been including some of his homilies and pronouncements here. Not knowing if everyone has access to his words on important subjects I want to expand the reach of this remarkable Bishop of Rome.

His many titles include, in addition to the above, Vicar of Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Servant of the Servants of God, and Sovereign of Vatican City. He has written books, and doubtless, many books will be written about him. Needless to say, his impact will be enormous in this time and age.
Titles mean many things, but the Pope's title I most like is Supreme Pontiff. The word pontiff in Latin means bridge builder or one who is in charge of the bridges. Pope Francis reminds you and me that he is about the work of bridge building between God and His people. Apprentice is another good title, but for you and for me. May we grow in our ability to be bridge builders, too, as we watch this septuagenarian master at work.
Let us remember our Holy Father Francis in prayer, especially at the culmination of this Year of Faith.
May God bless you and your families always.=

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